Life Happens

Life Happens

Living It Up Like Gloria Gaynor: Surviving A Layoff

So, regardless of what slice of the universe you are currently living in, by this point you are on high alert that the world is one giant cluster and more chaos going on than a Limp Bizkit record.

With so much real happening, one reality many are living is that of unemployment and the increasing case of job layoffs, currently at a mature 4.9 percent, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, at its’ highest in the last 7 years as of July 2016.

computer news

The struggle is legitimate.

Unfortunately, if you know someone who has become an inhaling statistic or equally worse, have become one yourself, then the following guidelines are a probable necessity.

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Life Happens

The Essential Potential

If any of us have ever had an opportunity to touch a moisturized toe inside of an aircraft, we know that traveling at times can be cumbersome and pretty freakin’ stressful. From rude staff, crowded airports, delays, awkward run-ins with that creepy dude you never hoped to see again, turbulence, screaming infants who probably work for Satan to sick neighbors who pretend they’ve never heard of goddamn Kleenex–the list could go as long as Naomi Campbell’s legs to almost make you never want to book a flight again.

f this im out

While most of these situations unfortunately cannot be avoided, what can be controlled is one of the most crucial points leading up to this process and make our vodka filled lives slightly easier: PACKING.

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Life Happens

Hello, it’s Vodka





Okay, so now that I have that lyrical remix out of my system because I just HAD to go there, all spin offs and Lowe’s leaf blowers aside it’s been quite some time since I’ve actively run my blog. Initially wanting this to be my comeback post of sorts, I had to set this one aside to pay respect to the unexpected passing of the late and always great Prince Rogers Nelson. And to be completely honest, I was in no rush to make this post. Clearly.

As a writer, it’s 110% important to stand in your story and own your truth. Write what you know, write what you feel, and go from there. With that being said, most times that is never an easy route to take.

Personally for me, I struggle on the regular 24 to open up and while there is truth in my writing, I like to keep things light and on the comedic side. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. The most honest, GIFless, stripped down post I’ve ever published was coincidentally around this time two years ago in discussing Mother’s Day and my journey with my own mother and the woman throughout my years who have influenced and in some ways, filled her absence in our uneasy past. While the feedback was positive even with my mother herself, I’ve since removed the post without any real reason simply besides the fact it was too honest within myself. And it scared me.

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Life Happens

New Year, Same Disaster


So this is the part where I come in and am all like SURPRISE Y’ALL, I’M BAAAACCCCKKKKK!!


And with a sassy awesome new layout–HOLLA!

Then I twirl into some crazy lengthy story about like a stint in rehab, or a cute picture of a newborn, or a four month trip to Europe or a secret wedding….but it’s officially a new year, and I’m still the same little mess I left 2014 out of.

i drink too much i drink too much2







And while it was hands down the craziest 365 days of my current entire being, it was the most entertaining, most educating, emotional and thought provoking year. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, except writing more blog posts.

Besides that MAJOR screw up, 2014 was a learning year, and when I didn’t have a drink in my hand, I definitely took notes.

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Life Happens

New Year, Same Mess

Okay, so almost full 15 solid days into 2014 and I can now say with confidence that I am still a mess.

A mess for my standards.

Granted, shit could always be worse.fc50l

I’m not really big on New Years resolutions because I’ve learned a long time ago they just aren’t for me due to the fact that I make all these false promises to myself and to other people only to fail miserably and/or get mad at myself.

I’m all for change and advancing to the better good but that’s something that should be strived for regardless, despite the oncoming new year.

Admit it. You’re tired of seeing it too.

“New Year, New Me”.

“No time for lames this year”.

“Switching it up this time”.

“About to get my sexy back. Y’all ain’t ready”.

shut up we don't care2014 is a new chapter, a blank one. I just want to make it better than the last book, but other than that I can’t make typical resolutions for myself for the new year and let’s break this down why.

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