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Pop Culture 101

‘Drink Bleach’ & Read|Welcome To The Summer

June 20th.

That’s the initiated start date as to when summer shall arrive but in reality, between graduation, school break, the cold descending back to the Hellmouth, loved ones in town, that annoying coworker being OUT of town, and more freedom for yourself to do whatever wherever you want it’s safe to say that date along with the heat index has moved up.

Summer is here.

bye work






With that kick off that means more kick backs, take offs and landing marks. Whether you’re lounging at the pool, house gathering with friends, attending a concert, boarding a plane to your next destination, finding time to make more auditions, or just spending the day in bed more because you can–it’s time to enjoy YO-SELF.john waters

And what is enjoyment with music and books?

Music is the true soundtrack to our lives and books are the fertilizer to our knowledge. Anyone who says they don’t love music or books, run.

Chances are they are dumber than the extra box on top of the box of DVDs, don’t have edges, takes too many selfies, still use “YOLO”, and doesn’t use Google. Run far–run far, far away.

conversation over

So break out your playlist, shove some space on your bookshelf, and let’s talk some must-haves for the summertime.

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Pop Culture 101

Class In Session: 11 Lessons We’ve Learned From Prince

Growing up, everyone has a story on music or films or series that they connected with early on and staked their way forever into their hearts for one reason or another. For me, those hands down Top 3 are The Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Purple Rain. Being raised by two parents heavy in working the club scene I was about five years old when I really remember being introduced to the world that was style, sexuality, tragedy, and glamour aka Prince Rogers Nelson–and I couldn’t get enough. From the moment that silhouette faded into the screen behind those fabulous purple letters sprawled across calling attention to all that is dearly beloved, I was hooked.


Religiously watching the story of the creative tortured underdog, I eventually wanted to know more about this magical man who captivated my heart at such an early age, so I quizzed my parents on everything they knew about Prince. Was this story true? Where is Minnesota and when are we going? What’s eyeliner and where can I buy some? When am I getting a guitar? If my birthday is 10 days after his, does this mean we’re soul mates? What’s a Gemini?

By the time I was around 7, I was bit hard by the writing bug, heavily into my white balloon covered notebook scribbling every thought, fear, or idea that came to mind with the sounds of my dad’s vinyl record player blaring in the background. It became my favorite pastime and something I looked forward to every weekend when visiting him, and upon my arrival he always knew to put on your purple majesty.

Kids always play games, especially growing up opposite the rich side of the tracks you had to make your own fun. Ours was Prince and the Revolution, grabbing mops and brooms and swaying fast to the instrumental sounds of air and terrible adolescent voices. It was a known fact amongst my group of cousins and friends that I, was always Prince. The kid of my mother’s friend that randomly joined one afternoon didn’t get that memo, shoving me to the side shouting that I couldn’t be Prince because I was a girl, therefore needing to step to the left or right to play either Lisa or Wendy. Let’s just say that young man still may have a knot upside his head in shape of a broom stick and I was grounded the remaining summer. And I definitely played Prince that day.

And when it comes to The Artist, most of us have these stories. Where we were, what pulled us in, what inspired us on, what turned us on, what brought us down, and what pulled us through. Most can’t talk music in particular without mentioning his name. This realization was more than apparent upon breaking news yesterday that Prince Rogers Nelson passed away at the age of just 57. Almost needless to say, I needed a moment. I needed more than a few. I’ve definitely been sad in the past of some celebrity deaths, but this one hit me like a ton of purple bricks and I ugly cried as if a close family member died. An immense part of my childhood, my adulthood, my creative drive–felt ripped to pieces. Eventually pulling myself  and my eyeliner together, I of course had to take to social media and the response to Prince’s death was surprisingly soothing–reading all the impactful stories and seeing so much footage and never before seen photographs. The man was beyond legendary. And shouts to MTV for going MTV playing music videos again and taking a break from Teen Shore whatever.

And stories aside, most of us were given lessons. Let’s talk things we’ve learned from Mr. Nelson.

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Pop Culture 101

Missy & The Tale of Much Needed Comebacks

So, unless you live in an igloo or on Bikini Bottom somewhere with Spongebob Squarepants, chances are if you didn’t watch, you at least heard about the Superbowl this past Sunday.

More specifically, the Halftime show. Missy Elliott‘s Halftime show.

Okay, actually the headline belong to that of singer Katy Perry, whom overall did a good job alongside the likes of Lenny Kravitz, fun outfits, lots of production, dancing sharks and THAT. LION. You better roar, girl.katy perryBut the true steal of the show was the return of THE Missy Elliott. And she killed it.yasssssssPersonally, Missy Elliott is my second female rapper and she brought all the jams. The moment that beat dropped in full effect for ‘Get Your Freak On’ I hopped off that couch and almost shoulder popped my ass directly into the E.R. Missy’s music has always had that effect, and it felt good to have even a pinch of that back.

And clearly from the feedback, I’m not the only one who felt that way.missy3missy2But then, there were others the kids with no real education in music.missy statusLike, I almost can’t even deal.

unfriendT.L.C.”Wasn’t she in TLC”. TLC?!!!!!!!!!!!

bye bye byeT L fucking C.i cantWhatever the reason of lack on knowledge of this talented woman, I hope these children have cancelled their entire week to spend getting their damn life on Google, Wikipedia and countless videos/albums of that one Miss Elliott. And I mean the entire week. Get up on those beats, the lyrics, THE OUTFITS, the choreography, and those video concepts that we just don’t see in today’s world. GET. YOUR. LIFE.

And as far as Missy herself is concerned, ma’am we need a new album like TONIGHT. I want to wake up and be blessed up in my iTunes on a Wednesday happy

So amongst the return of Missy Elliott, her appearance sparked up conversation and thoughts of several other celebs who need to get the one way ticket out of oblivion.

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Pop Culture 101

Twitter & Blue Ivy Saved Us All: The 2014 VMA Recap

The MTV Video Music Awards are nowhere close to what they used to be. We know this. But every year we continue to watch and wait for at least one hair flipping glimmer of hope, and until then we turn to social media to help cope through it all.

If you experience in particular live Twitter, you must so during an awards show. There’s barely anything in this world better. Except for alcohol after a rough day. And day’s off.  Early pay day deposits. Seeing an ex doing bad without you.  A really good ass cheese platter. And an actual life.

Okay, so there’s a lot still greater but there’s no other way to spend the end of summer than wasting 3 hours to watch one of the most talked about events every year and The Beyonce’ concert VMAs was once again leaving topics, and tweets, up for discussion.

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Thank you, Mr. Williams

5cd92fb354aaaedfa83a0a239af6c576As the news is fully out there, the world is still rocked by yesterday’s announcement of the death of actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer Robin Williams. Williams for most has been admired and raved for his incredible range of talent in films like Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, One Hour Photo, and an on and on going list that could NOT be completed without Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams’ work has touched the universe in one way or another for his talent, but most importantly what is most tragic is that he seemed like a genuine, humble, all around nice human being despite the fact that he publicly and privately battled his own personal demons. Celebrity deaths are nothing rare but this, like the death of Paul Walker and Marilyn Burns to name a few, truly hit me in one way or another. For Robin, as one of my favorite actors it was never a piece of work of his I didn’t like or completely get lost in–he had the amazing ability to make us laugh, root for him and even in some works scare us all at a drop of a hat(If you haven’t seen One Hour Photo rent it NOW). And always taught those who looked up to him it was okay to be weird and eccentric and forever think outside of the normal. Thank you, Mr. Williams, may your talents forever live on and may you finally be at peace.