Bands Still Make ‘Em

Just so we’re clear, pandas may be fading out of style, but bands will always be a hit. And also, I have not fell into one of those summer potholes in the road and disappeared from the blog world, despite the date of my most recent post.

In this post particularly, we’re talking headbands–and if you get that earlier reference–pat yourself on your hip ass shoulder and keep on reading.

I dished in my last post about my newfound appreciation for hats as summer head necessities, but my favorite noggin go-to will forever go to: you guessed it, headbands.


And quite frankly, this summer has gotten hotter than Justin Timberlake’s sophomore album outside and therefore too much to wear a large hat ready for vineyard stunting when in reality you’re out serving heatstroke realness.

That’s where the bands come in to assist that mane of yours and have you looking summertime fab when in reality you just rolled out of bed 10 minutes prior and can’t even remember where your favorite brush is.

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Fall Fashion Must Haves

octobersWe are officially halfway into one of, if not THE GREATEST month ever, and that also means that Fall is officially upon us.

If you don’t know why Fall is the shit let’s break it down:

  • Football.
  • It’s not hot as fried Hell outside.
  • HORROR GALORE–return of shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, and numerous classic movie marathons.
  • Your friends dressing in ridiculous costumes like this:

miley robinoh i love itoh i love it2

  • Festivals Festivals Festivals
  • Holiday events with lots of food
  • Avoiding Spending time with your loved ones
  • Pumpkin everything

And of course:

  • Fashion.

clothes fabulousSince no one wants to be the dumb bitch rocking a tank top and denim shorts as the temperature drops let’s discuss some must have pieces/look for Fall, shall we?

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20something’s Guide To Memorial Day Weekend Fashion.

americaMemorial Day weekend. It’s always one of the greatest times to be an American. You get to press pause and reflect on how blessed you are to have the rights that you do, get to remember and thank all of the brave men and women who have fought for our country and our freedom, and yes, most of us get a day off on Monday to do so.

That means: THREE DAY WEEKEND. Three glorious, colorful, patriotic days full of friends, family, boozery, and food.

And of course for us lady-folk (and some fellas), fashion.

Let’s dive into some looks, shall we?

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