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March 2017


They Always Come Back

It happened.

In the great words of someone super classy and probably British, by George, it finally happened. After countless tear stained nights, Cymbalta commercial moments, friends screaming at Tyra Banks volumes you’re better than this, and watching dust collect on that breakup book gifted to you you still haven’t read yet–it happened.

You’re finally over the one that hurt you the most. Even still, hearing the line they immediately never stop coming to mind, do they? And while you’ll never forget, it simply just doesn’t hurt anymore. You’re almost not even sure WHEN exactly it happened, but hot damn, it did. It wasn’t a road traveled you’d wish on most, but it made you slightly more into the strong, fabulous catch standing today.

For that, you couldn’t be happier.

And for the first time in a long, life feels good. Your thoughts are clear, your heart feels light, your skin is popping like Rihanna shorts at a dance festival, work is booming, your weight you dramatically lost during your dark time is back in all the right places, and your love life isn’t that of an episode of My Strange Addiction.

What could possibly could shake this joy?

Well, it usually starts with three syllables:

“Hey stranger”

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