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February 2017


Trainwreck Ever After

For those of you with a likewise lack of money management skills for cable and an unstable addiction to which is the mess that is the Lifetime Network, you would know that Britney Ever After premiered last night.

The biopic, unauthorized and the topic of Twitter’s obsession, covered the infamous rise and downfall of one Miss Britney Jean Spears.

And y’all, it was bad.

Like, 2007 bad.

And like most things that are hard to decipher thought where to start to explain exactly HOW bad of a train wreck it is, you just have to start at the beginning.

Who the eff is Natasha Bassett and how do we return her?

Casted full of randoms, the eyes were definitely on the starring role, clinging in place by Australian actress Natasha Bassett–no notable correlation to the queen that is Angela Bassett. And too bad, because homegirl definitely should have picked up the Android and phoned in some relative advice on how to slay a biopic.  What’s Love Got To Do With It, anyone?

The performance, to summarized the details, was cringe-worthy and false. Flava-Flav could have pulled a better act.

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PEEVE THIS: The February Edition

Oh, hi.

Welcome to those of you who are just joining this scattered-brain fiasco that is this blog, and welcome back to those of you who stay catching up to your daily weekly monthly seriously I don’t know obviously how to keep up posts. You’ve been missed. Honestly, truly.

And welcome to the nightmare that is 2017.

Alright, so depending who you ask “nightmare” might be a tad dramatic, but it’s pretty damn bad.

Actually, no–“nightmare” is fairly appropriate.

The fact alone that we’re in a new year without current Prince facial expressions is horrific enough.

And since the rants and eye rolls have been kept at bay since 2014, it’s only fair to jump headfirst into this disaster like being unattended at a queso stand.

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