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December 2016


Lesson 2016

Depression doesn’t win, you do.

Spend time with your siblings.

Spend time with your other family and friends, you never know when it’s the last you’ll see them.

Death proved time and time again it doesn’t give a shit who you are, how old you are, where you are or how much fame or fortune you have–you’re going.

Mimosas are fun.

Just because they’re “family”, doesn’t mean you have to like them.

It’s okay to say no and stand in your beliefs. You stand in it everyday.

Read. Learn. Repeat. Forever.

That city you’ve been wanting to go to? Go. Plan accordingly, and wait for no one else to do so.

Take pictures, for no good reason.

Fun never stops being a road trip away.

They’ll never be another musician like Prince or Bowie.

Don’t date a musician. Just….don’t.

Closed doors eventually route you to a world beyond your fears.

Which speaking of, fuck your fears. You’re bigger than those.

Work doesn’t work unless you do.

Beyonce’ + concert=Everything.

With Google and YouTube, there is no excuse to be dumb.

There is no expiration date on college.

Did I mention never stop taking photos? Or collecting them.

Applying for a job is a full-time one.

Turning 30 is not that big of a deal. But kind of is. Those things you still basically have, not just want to do, NOW is the time. You won’t turn into dust if you don’t, but no time like when you still have all your teeth and mostly good sense.

When it comes to birthdays, sometimes simple is better.

Perfect your hobbies.

Whiskey is never is good idea when your ex is around.

Some friends are only ones when it’s convenient. Ditch them.

Has anyone figured out how to turn off Facebook Live yet?

If getting one year older hasn’t lit a fire under your ass, maybe being almost caught in the crossfire of one will. One day short of being in a mass shooting tends to do that.

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