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June 2013

Love & Relationships

It’s Never The One You Want.

The other night I got to talk and catch up with a good girlfriend of mine and of course everything with a vagina’s favorite topic came up:


More specifically, the lack there of–or at least in the case of anything serious.

forever aloneListening to my friend’s current situation brought up the main underlining conclusion: IT IS NEVER THE ONE THAT YOU WANT. Sure, on TV and in movies, the girl always gets the guy but in real life–shit goes down further than a hoodrat at a Twerk Nation Convention.

twerk2No matter what, it’s always going to be something.

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Random Chat

5 Ridiculous Things I Want For My Birthday

With less than a week away from my birthday and upon after being asked a few times, I’ve been putting some thought into what I want as a present.

thinkingI got nothing. At least nothing of real materialistic value.

liquor storeHowever what I did come up with was a list of crazy shit I wanted for or by my birthday that has been shortened to five things, starting with:


It’s silly, but I love celebrating little milestones–that’s what life is mostly about, right? When I started this blog, it was more of just a mental release for myself and done out of boredom because I stayed in on Halloween night. But then it actually started to become a real tool for me, and eventually a way to connect with majority other 20somethings to laugh and relate on this crazy fuck train world called life.

As my number of awesome followers, spambots, and trolls started to grow recently, I set a little goal for myself to get at least 100 followers by the time of my birthday. It might happen, it might not.

And yesterday, that “ridiculous” wish, happened.

followersdance drakeAwww yeah! Coming from a place where 12 followers made me stand up and twerk, I’ll definitely take this as well. Thank you thank you to everyone who has been following, reading, laughing, spamming, and staying entertained with my crazy ass.

thank youSo on to the more ridiculous.
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Life Happens

When Drinking Gets Drunk

So the other night, I decided to let my hair down a bit and give into the temptation of going out for lots of some drinks and good times with friends.

going outThe fun was out, the music was pumping and liquid was flowing.

shotsTowards the end of the night we all decided to head out a bit early to beat the crowd and also to attempt to be somewhat responsible and get some sleep to get back to our adult lives. *insert finger twirl here*

On the way outside, we noticed a young man sitting outside the bar on the ground throwing up.


Poor drunk ass fellow was just face to concrete yakking his life away and no one was there to help him out but the sounds of Rihanna‘s voice telling him to ‘Pour it Up’. I think he’s poured enough, Ri-Ri.

This incident made me start to think of past times where I was out drinking with friends and alcohol got the best of us. Oh yes, alcohol tends to do that to you sometimes.

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