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April 2013

Random Chat

Sorry ‘People’, it’s all about V&C’s Most Beautiful

People magazine recently announced their list of Most Beautiful Women and put actress Gwyneth Paltrow at the top of the list.

The news left most of America rolling their eyes and in disagreement. Also following on the list were Kerry Washington, Connie Britton and Linda Gray.


Personally I’m not big on Gwyneth. I don’t dislike her, I’m just not a fan. Am I as upset as some other people and going to storm outside and kick kittens about it? No.

But I was inspired to make a list of my own Most Beautiful.

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Life Happens



“Bye Felicia”:  When someone says something that you really could give two shits about—their name then becomes “felicia”, a random bitch that nobody is sad to see go. They’re real name becomes irrelevant and instead, they now are “Felicia”.

Everyone has their signature catchphrase that they have or they’re known for. I think I have a few of them but the one I am most known for lately with people that know me is calling out Felicia.

Now everyone seems to do it. Because it just works for shit you just don’t have time for.


I’ll always have time for Sweet Brown, but the Felicias of the world have got to go.

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Life Happens

For Better or For Worse

Growing up, I lived in a pretty strict household. Actually, even once I was grown (at least in the eyes of the state), I lived in a pretty strict household. And I do mean strict. I was the bitch at 25 racing home to beat a midnight curfew.

Like I said, strict.

Now despite all of that, I am thankful and truly blessed for my upbringing–I could not have dreamed of better people to have raised me and help me become everything good in me that I am today.

But like a bird, eventually you must fly out and explore your own path. So that’s what I did.

And now after almost a year into my journey, things recently came to a screeching brake slam upon being asked to move back home.


I’m known sometimes to pop off at the mouth before thinking and not giving the classiest of answers, so before giving a clear one, I really had to sit down and put some thought into this shit.

Moving back home would be awesome to have more money to spend on pointless shit be more responsible and save money, but when everything is said and done I would be giving up the life I’d come to know in the past year…..

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Love & Relationships

THE Question

Every time I get with my family for a function or a gathering, I am always bombarded with the question. You know.

Oh as a single girl, you know the one.

“So are you dating anyone?”


Sometimes I don’t know whether I should stand and respond or get comfortable on the couch and really talk about it.

Normally I just give a quick yes or no answer. If you say yes and run you’ll be fine. If you say yes and stand there you’ll be attacked with questions of how you met, what color shirt they were wearing, when is the family going to meet him and all that shit.


If you say no you are secretly being considered either a closet lesbian or a future candidate for a cat this coming Christmas.


Recently one of the last gatherings I made the mistake when I was asked of responding yes to the question and got side tracked on the exit strategy. Before I knew it I was having to answer a list of other questions, including what exactly is my type. I couldn’t even get out an answer for myself before my pops shouted out “Broke, white and terrible”.

Buffy - eye squint

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Health & Fitness

The Challenge: The Update.

The last time I sat and talked with you all on the subject of health and fitness, I was struggling.

This is the part where I say something phenomenal about how my life has changed drastically thanks to healthy eating and exercise.


c096ee651097be61ea3f8907e2a4219fOkay all jokes and pizza aside, I still have been trying to keep up with better choices overall but it still has definitely been a difficult challenge.

My schedule as of lately that has been in direct competition with Mario Lopez hasn’t been much of a help either.

But while on the go, instead of going with fast food I’ve been opting for better choices at a deli or sandwich shop. My main go to choice currently has been a salmon sandwich with a cup of fruit and a bottle of water.

In your face, progess!!


And while working out is still a major issue with me, I’ve been making an effort to at least get in a gym once a week for 10-30 minute workouts. It may not sound like a whole lot, but little lifts and a crunch or two go a long way in the end. I’m already noticing more definition in my arms and in my moods altogether from when I make the time to exercise and when I don’t.


Baby steps.