Missy & The Tale of Much Needed Comebacks

February 3rd, 2015

missy eSo unless you live in an igloo or on Bikini Bottom somewhere with Spongebob Squarepants, chances are if you didn’t watch, you at least heard about the Superbowl this past Sunday.

More specifically, the Halftime show. Missy Elliott‘s Halftime show.

Okay, actually the headline belong to that of singer Katy Perry, whom overall did a good job alongside the likes of Lenny Kravitz, fun outfits, lots of production, dancing sharks and THAT. LION. You better roar, girl.katy perryBut the true steal of the show was the return of THE Missy Elliott. And she killed it.yasssssssPersonally, Missy Elliott is my second female rapper and she brought all the jams. The moment that beat dropped in full effect for ‘Get Your Freak On’ I hopped off that couch and almost shoulder popped my ass directly into the E.R. Missy’s music has always had that effect, and it felt good to have even a pinch of that back.

And clearly from the feedback, I’m not the only one who felt that way.missy3missy2But then, there were others the kids with no real education in music.missy statusLike, I almost can’t even deal.

unfriendT.L.C.”Wasn’t she in TLC”. TLC?!!!!!!!!!!!

bye bye byeT L fucking C.i cantWhatever the reason of lack on knowledge of this talented woman, I hope these children have cancelled their entire week to spend getting their damn life on Google, Wikipedia and countless videos/albums of that one Miss Elliott. And I mean the entire week. Get up on those beats, the lyrics, THE OUTFITS, the choreography, and those video concepts that we just don’t see in today’s world. GET. YOUR. LIFE.

And as far as Missy herself is concerned, ma’am we need a new album like TONIGHT. I want to wake up and be blessed up in my iTunes on a Wednesday morning.blog happy

So amongst the return of Missy Elliott, her appearance sparked up conversation and thoughts of several other celebs who need to get the one way ticket out of oblivion.

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The Obsession Diaries: Spray, Pills & Crazy Men

January 13th, 2015

Obsession DiariesFirst off, I have to laugh at this title concocted because it sounds like the latest Saturday night Lifetime movie, but in reality, it’s just time to dish on the latest and greatest things that I’m obsessing over and can’t get enough of as of late.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1) Winter Wear



Right now everywhere but Florida seems to be a Winter Wonder-mare and the cold (and rain) are going no where for at least the next few weeks–so the only thing left to do is to cry about summer just embrace it. And embrace it fabulously. Continue reading